Ten Simple steps for looking after your new bed.

Handmade beds are made from the finest natural materials and crafted to the highest standards of workmanship. Your bed should therefore be treated as an investment as it will last for many years. The lifespan of your new bed can be extended for many years with just a little care and consideration.

helpful tipsThe following tips will ensure you achieve maximum comfort and sleep satisfaction.

  1. The first few nights
    Your bed may seem a bit strange at first - it always takes a few days to settle into a new bed. Your previous bed was probably quite old and past its best, your body will adjust to the superior comfort level of your new bed and you'll start to notice the benefits of a deeper sleep.
  2. Settlement of fillings and bed dimensions
    Our fillings are especially sumptuous - body indentations in the mattress caused by body weight compressing the fillings, is a normal characteristic. This settlement of fillings can be minimised by the regular turning of the mattress. Your bed is handcrafted and therefore is one of a kind. Because of these qualities we expect there to be some variation in standard size.  
  3. Turn mattress regularly
    It is important that you turn your mattress regularly to aid even filling settlement and to prolong the mattress life. We recommend that you turn your bed from side to side and end to end weekly for the first four months. Thereafter it should be turned every month.
  4. Assistance while turning mattress
    We recommend that you seek assistance to turn the mattress. Apart from the risk of injury to yourself, you also risk damaging the springs, should you bang, bend or roll the mattress. This would invalidate your guarantee.
  5. Do not bend or roll your mattress
    Please avoid any unnecessary rolling or bending of your mattress as it is likely to damage the spring units and invalidate your guarantee.
  6. Allow the mattress to breathe
    Our bodies generate over a pint of moisture during the night. It is important to let your bed breathe to allow that moisture to dissipate. By simply turning down your bed clothes will allow the bed to air naturally.
  7. Protect your mattress
    We advise that you protect your mattress with a suitable natural fibre mattress cover. This will help to protect the surface of your mattress from contact with moisture and the risk of staining. A mattress cover will keep your mattress looking pristine for years to come.
  8. How to fit castors
    Please read instructions on how to fit castors. Castors should be tapped lightly home with a hammer. Avoid excessive force as this can cause damage.
  9. Drawers
    Your bed may have drawers - these drawers have been designed to accommodate lightweight items only. Please do not overload, as excessive weight can cause damage to the runners and may jam the drawer.
  10. Use of detergents
    We do not advise the use of detergents or chemical cleaners on your mattress as this may bleach or disintegrate the fabric.

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