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Mattress Care Tips

– Do not bend or roll your new mattress. It will permanently damage the spring unit and invalidate any warranties or guarantees.

– It is recommended to rotate/turn your mattress every week during the first 3 months and periodically thereafter. This will encourage the upholstery fillings to settle more evenly.
– Turn your mattress regularly. Unless you have bought a non-turn (which has been specifically designed not be turned but MUST still be rotated), it is important that you turn your mattress from end to end and side to side every week for the first few months and thereafter about every three months. This will prolong the life-span of your mattress and minimise impression marks.
– Body shaped impressions are normal. Impression marks – sometimes known as settlement – are a normal
– characteristic of quality mattresses working as intended to conform to the shape of your body. These will be minimised with regular turning.
– Let the mattress breathe. Like a new car, a new bed may initially have a ‘new’ smell about it. This will eventually disperse if well aired.
– Getting used to your new bed. Your body will take a while to adjust to sleeping on a new surface, so don’t worry if your new bed doesn’t immediately meet your expectations. Give it time – it could take a few weeks.