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Assembling Your Divan Base

Before You Begin

– Remove all packaging, taking care not to damage your new bed, and dispose of it carefully.
– Put the base on its side to insert the feet/castors into the holes at each corner.
– Use a mallet to gently knock them into the holes until they click into place.

Divan Base With U-Clips

  • After fitting the feet/castors, bring the two halves together so that the two inside edges meet.
  • Fit the U-CLIPS so that they clamp around the underside timber edges to hold the two parts firmly together.
  • After fitting the U-CLIPS lower the divan down so that it is right way up ready for the mattress to be placed on top.

Divan Base With Link Bars

  • After fitting the feet/castors, turn the two halves of the base the right way up and bring them together so that the two inside edges meet.
  • On each side, close to where the two parts meet, you will find pre-drilled threaded bolt holes. You will have to pierce the fabric where you find the pre-drilled holes. Connect the bases together by passing the bolts through the slots in the link bars and screwing them into the threaded holes. Ensuring the two halves are firmly together, tighten the link bars into position

Fixing a Headboard to a Divan Base

  • On the back of your headboard you will find 4 stickers (if not you should be able to feel where the holes are) marking where your headboard straps attach. Use your 4 small bolts in the packaging to pierce these holes. Ensure the wooden struts are sitting vertically and use the bolts to fasten the struts in position.
  • On your divan base you will have to pierce the holes for your headboard bolts. These can normally be found by locating the sticker, or by feeling along the wood at the top (and bottom, if required) of the base.
  • Once you have pierced the holes on the base, your headboard can now be fastened to the divan with the large headed screws supplied by the bed manufacturer. (These are included in the packaging with your divan NOT your headboard)
  • Floorstanding headboards will need 4 bolts to hold the headboard to the base, strutted headboards may only need 2 bolts.
  • The height of the headboard can be adjusted by moving it up or down on the slots. Tighten the screws at the desired position.