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Sleepeezee Wool Deluxe 1200


Discover the benefits of going natural with the Wool Deluxe 1200, made from 100% British wool. A deluxe night’s sleep awaits you on this firm mattress, thanks to breathable fibres and supportive springs.

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Experience the sleep of a lifetime with this divan set, a stellar combination of the all-natural Sleepeezee Wool Deluxe Pocket Mattress and the handmade Premium Divan Bed. This pair is designed to provide long-term comfort, adaptability, and a dash of luxury in your nightly repose.

Expert support from one of the UK’s leading brands

Handcrafted in the UK from British wool, the Sleepeezee Wool Deluxe Pocket Mattress personifies the care, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that Sleepeezee puts into each product.

The 1200 individually pocketed springs in this mattress are designed to adapt to your body type, providing superior support and comfort. The addition of natural fillings, including cotton and wool, bolsters breathability, ensuring that every night is a blissful and refreshing experience.

For longevity, each mattress is double-sided, allowing you to flip or reverse it to extend its lifespan. Backed by a 10-year warranty, it’s clear this mattress is a long-term commitment to a good night’s sleep.

Stable and stylish

Transitioning to the Premium Divan Bed, this handmade marvel from Yorkshire serves as the ideal base for the Sleepeezee mattress. Crafted using traditional techniques and quality timber, this divan base ensures stability and firmness.

The aesthetics don’t take a back seat, with the divan available in a selection of luxurious fabrics that cater to your style and bedroom decor. Consider the chic simplicity of Linen Graphite, the cool sophistication of Linen Charcoal, or the indulgent touch of Plush Velvet Blue.

In addition to providing the perfect perch for your mattress, this divan base boasts versatile storage options. With choices of two or four drawer arrangements or even an ottoman lift option, you have plenty of room for extra bedding or other items. The divan is also designed to accommodate any of our headboards, enabling you to customise it to your aesthetic preferences.

One final attribute of the Premium Divan Bed is its mobility. Courtesy of four chrome-effect glide feet, moving the bed for cleaning or rearranging is simple. Yet, it will remain firmly in place while you enjoy a restful sleep on the royally approved Sleepeezee mattress.

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