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Sleepeezee Ortho Silver 1600 Mattresses


Choose Sleepeezee Ortho Silver 1600 for firmer support. Its filled with 1000 pocket springs and extra deep layers of 100% British lambswool and silk for a breathable sleep surface – ideal for keeping your body temperature regulated as you sleep in all seasons.

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The Sleepeezee Ortho Bespoke Bronze 1000 Pocket Natural Mattress embodies all of Sleepeezee’s passions when it comes to creating the perfect mattress. From innovative and creative SleepCalm™ technology to unique barrel-shaped pocket springs for a modern take on traditional practices, this mattress from the Ortho Bespoke collection truly is one of a kind.

Since 1924, Sleepeezee have been championing Artisan skills and traditional techniques from their home in Kent, England. Combining these techniques with advanced, industry–leading technology, they’ve created award-winning, luxurious sleeping equipment.

A mark of excellence and pure British quality, Sleepeezee are proud holders of a Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, proving their mattresses truly are fit for a king. Sleepeezee’s reputation for creating superior products is also evident in their commitment to ensuring the materials they use are procured from sustainable sources, with all of their suppliers required to be FSC certified.

1600 pocketed springs

Not like your regular pocketed springs, the Sleepeezee Ortho Bespoke Silver Mattress includes a layer of uniquely barrel-shaped springs. This shape allows the springs to react faster to changes in pressure and weight, giving you support exactly where you need it.

A perfect combination of support and comfort

What’s special about the Sleepeezee Ortho Bespoke Silver Mattress from this collection is that it features layers of different comfort fillings to give you optimum relief. Polyester and cotton layers provide added comfort with excellent rebound and recovery properties, while a layer of Ecobond supports your  spine and relieves pressure, whatever position you sleep in.

A blend of British wool and silk make up another layer in the Sleepeezee Ortho Bespoke Silver Mattress, giving a luxuriously comfortable, yet breathable quality to give you a refreshing night’s sleep every night. A soft damask cover finishes the mattress, encasing you in comfort.

What’s more, these layers are double sided, so you’ll find the exact same fillings on both sides of your mattress. Simply flip your mattress over each season and benefit from extra performance, comfort and longevity. Flag-stitching gives ultimate strength to each handle found on the mattress, making it easier to rotate when required.

Innovative technology

Sleepeezee have masterminded the innovative SleepCalm™ technology. Who’d have thought of including Valeria – a flowering plant known for its soothing properties – inside a mattress? Sleepeezee, that’s who. The use of this plant woven within the fabric of the Sleepeezee Ortho Bespoke Silver Mattress gives off a naturally calming aroma, calming your nervous system and helping you drift off to sleep.

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